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Cozy Mysteries

Sabiya's quiet life is about to be upended by the discovery of her shop manager dead. And now to top it off she has come crazed changeling stalking her while she's trying to convert her family home and ranch into a vacation destination.

Bridger Kane has come to town in hopes of starting a  new life for himself. But with his new landlord in danger, can he keep her safe ?


Dr. Maxine Hadison can't figure out why her father would send her and ancient jewel. The mystery only deepens when he is found dead in a hotel room. She has no idea how deep she'll have to go to solve it. She follows the trail into a world of smugglers, out and out thieves, and even those who steal the credit for other's discoveries. Maxine has to find out who would kill for a secret lost to time before she becomes the next victim.

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