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Sara Freedman's life threatens to tear apart as she tries to live in different worlds: as Osyka, a Choctaw orphan whose clan was destroyed by the alien Rex invaders; as Doctor Freedman Professor of Botany and creator of the sought after fragrances of Osyka Botanicals. By far her most dangerous identity is The Suffragette, a spy who must be stopped at any cost. Can Sara work with the Rex Government's ultimate weapon? Will three words be enough to turn a distrusted enemy to a trusted ally?

Dr. Maxine Hadison can't figure out why her father would send her and ancient jewel. The mystery only deepens when he is found dead in a hotel room. She has no idea how deep she'll have to go to solve it. She follows the trail into a world of smugglers, out and out thieves, and even those who steal the credit for other's discoveries. Maxine has to find out who would kill for a secret lost to time before she becomes the next victim.

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